Thursday, April 02, 2009


Lovely faced, beautiful, buxom and thunder-thighed Rambha makes the front benchers and balcony audiences alike go into raptures by her sheer sex appeal. She has a rare combination of an innocent face and a sensuous body that makes the male of the species squirm in their seats out of sheer delight.
Basically an Andhra girl, Rambha is famous in the Telugu film industry too. Once a crazy fan of Rambha came all the way from Andhra, landed straight in front of her palatial bungalow and remained there without food and drink. In spite of the watchman's stern warnings, the fan refused to stir out of the place without having a darshan of his dream girl! Finally the police swarmed the area and arrested the man. That's when Rambha came out of her bungalow and met the fan, who, thrilled to bits, said: “I have achieved my life time's ambition," and walked away coolly. She has made forays into Bollywood with Judwaa and Bandhan


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