Thursday, October 02, 2008

Lakshmi Roy

Lakshmi Roy or Lakshmi Rai is a teenage beauty - was one of the promising actresses down South India Film Industry. But he beauty didn't last long as after couple of movies later, she almost disappeared. Nobody now what is her next movie going to be.

But she has oomph and done lot of glam pictures. Here at South Indian Actress 101, we can't miss her. Presenting you here are some of her most glamorous photos ever!

She has done movies with likes of Vijayakanth (Tamil), Mohanlal (Malyalam), Srikanth (Telugu) and Vikranth (Kannada). The voluptuous hot beauty Lakshmi Roy made her movie debut with a Telugu movie, "Kanchanamala Cable TV", a comedy flick starring opposite Srikanth. Lakshmi Roy gave a brilliant performance in the movie and won accolades from the critics and fans.

The ravishing beauty Lakshmi Roy later acted in a Kannada movie, "Karka Kasadara" opposite Vikranth in 2005. The wonderful hot actress Lakshmi Roy also did a Tamil movie, "Dharmapuri" starring opposite Vijayakanth and later appeared opposite veteran actor Mohanlal in a Malayalam movie called "Rock N Roll".

She is one of the most wet actress in the movie "Kanchanamala Cable TV"


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