Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Don't be surprise to see me hosting a hubpage on Bhuvaneswari.

She is not a heroine or a very popular lead actress. But she certainly have big fan following as can be seen at age 33, she debuting herself in the lead for Telugu movie titled "Kurkure"

Bhuvaneswari is born in small town of Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh. She has worked TV soap operas both in Tamil and Telugu - mostly in negative roles. She is face of bad woman in the family for any TV serial down south.

While in movies, she played glamorous roles and here too, Bhuvaneswari go with negative characters. Bhuvaneswari played vampires roles in several movies. In "Boys" (2003), she played a prostitute.

She has over 50-films to her credits, including movies like: Konchem Touchlo Vunte Cheputanu (2005), Donga Ramudu & Party (2003). Her latest movie is "Kurkure" where she is in lead opposite Duvvasi Mohan, directed by Juniad. She will play the lead and sure enough to do lot of exposing. Down South India, there are fans who go for voluptuous figure and dusky color. Bhuvaneswari fits into that image. The sexy Bhuvaneswari was rumored to having romantic flings with her Kurkure co-star. Once she was charged for prostitution, but got acquitted. However, the charge remained a scar in her personality.

At age 33, Bhuvaneswari looks more spicy and gorgeous than ever!


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