Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Monica Hot and Wet

Silanthi or Silandhi is movie of married girl running for her life. Monica who don the conservative homely girl roles has taken glamour path in this movie. In this movie Monica even wear swimsuit and there are several scene where she is wet under water falls - a poly adopted by directors and producers of south India films to give some masala stuff to audience.
The first half the movie revolves around Munna and Monica playing Husband and Wife. It is movie directed by Aathirajan who was journalist before. Monica come across strange things and finds that a man is stalking her when she is out in a resort for a honeymoon. The stalked is played by Chandru as a LIC agent and who was ragged and suffers injuries by three female friends of IT BPO firm. The three female friends were drunk and boozed. Husband supports wife in coming out of danger of stalker! It is something similar to DARR, a Hindi Movie.
Presenting you here are 3 galleries of wet and hot pictures of Monica - a conservative girl in wet saree - green, orange and black! Very colorful pictures indeed.


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